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Michael Savage's sit down talk about Radical Islam
A Must Hear Show.

From: PoliticalHawk
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John Conner calls Michael Savage and asks him about the Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati, and the September 11th inside job.

Michael Savage gets phone calls from John Conner about the Bohemian Grove mock human sacrifice ritual. Surprisingly Savage asks is he could post any evidence! John plugs and tells Savage to simply look it up on Google.

Michael Savage discusses Rosie O'Donnell's lunatic rants
Michael Savage Nation Prank Call 
Michael Savage shreds a typical liberal, woman caller
Watch Michael Savage refer to a caller as a "sodomite" and wish AIDS upon him on his short-lived tv show.
Michael Savage on Israel, Bush, the internationalists and the Middle East
Michael Savage on the Anti-War Movement Part 2 of 2
When and if something horrible happens... Who do you blame?

Michael Savage quoting Cicero
A Must Hear Show.
Michael Savage on the Path to 9/11 docu-drama and how liberals unveiled their communists roots.
Michael Savage on what President Bush should say to the American people. Savage should be Bushs's 
Michael Savage slams a Muslim caller for his lies.
Michael Savage on a judge's ruling to let a terrorist go.

Michael Savage on why Hollywood is failing. One of Michael's best.
Michael Savage in one of his best rants about the War on Terror
Michael Savage rants on phony liberals, weak western leaders and the Ford Funeral

Michael Savage on the 2008 Democratic Convention
Michael Savage on the anti-war movement. Part 1 of 2
Michael Savage telling it like it is on a lot of subjects

Michael Savage Talks About Carter - BinLadin Connection
A must hear show.
Michael Savage reviews tv show's storyline for season 6.
Michael Savage watching the FA-18's take off and wondering why we haven't use the fire power.
Michael Savabe on celebrity sluts and the weak western men of today.
Michael Savage on Hugo Chavez
Michael Savage on the lying liberals who trashed the docu-drama "The Path to 9/11"
Michael Savage on why filthy comedians have nothing on him
Michael Savage discusses the 2006 mid-term election results. He does it in a way that only he can.

Savage Nation Correspondent tells it like it is on the Palestine Israel situation.

Radio host Michael Savage again uses his media platform to attack LGBT people. Host Keith Olbermann tells Michael Savage to "just come out of the closet." OH SNAP!
Michael Savage on the anti-war movement. Part 1 of 2
Michael Savage on why Hollywood is failing.
Dr. Chelser interviewed by Michael Savage. 6 minutes of her opinions on several Islamic issues.
Savage's predictions for 2007.
Homophobic, bigoted right-wing commentator Michael Savage attacks a caller during his live MSNBC show, wishing him to die of AIDS and other nasty things. Not suprisingly, Savage was fired soon after.
Michael Savage telling it like it is on a lot of subjects

Michael Savage blasts Rosie O'Donnell's crude behavior
Michael Savage tells it like it is
Ultra-conservative commentator Michael Savage attacks a caller during his short-lived MSNBC series.
Short Michael Savage clip about the Utah Bosnian Muslim killer.
Michael Savage rips Clint Eastwood's Propaganda film
Michael Savage opens hour three on February 1, 2007.
An excerpt from Michael Savage, on the day of 9/11/01. Listen to Savage tell it like it is!!!!
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Poker player extraordinaire Michael Savage gives insight on the game with this Friday Focus from KEVN.

Reported by Jack Caudill (02 Mar 2007), KEVN Black Hills FOX:

So exactly who is playing in these tournaments? Jack Caudill has more...
A small uncensored sample of the NEW Howard Stern Show. This call was played on old fashioned radio in 05 but it was censored. This call was also featured on the Michael Savage Show.
Crucial footage of one of Rock n rolls most important bands ever ...This version of "Waiting for your love to fail!" is taken from the August 16, 1991 gig known in the South Bay as the 'Elvis" gig at the Hermosa Saloon ...Features Greggie T
2/2 'Shanghai Lil' spoof featuring a host of british tv personalities. Sorry, had to split into 2 parts.
Slide show with Michael Savage being overtaken by music while telling people the danger America faces.
1/2 'Shanghai Lil' spoof featuring a host of british tv personalities. Sorry, had to split into 2 parts.
Neal Boortz's thoughts on Michael Savage and Alex Jones
Domestic halve

A special Interview from The Savage Nation.