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"Fishers Of Men" Short Film

Jehovah Witness Special

2007 Jehovah's Witness Convention

Leon and Lin, of Evangelism Team, Jerry, of Challenge Ministries and Janet, proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of 35,000 Jehovah's Witnesses. Although we were called satanists, liars and faith, we believe many seeds were planted. Our prayer is that the Lord would save many!


Passion of the Christ Montage

Montage of Jesus Christ set to the song Jesus Freak by dc Talk

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In this episode, Prophetic.TV host Steve Shultz talks with prophetic speaker and author Larry Randolph about his latest book, The Coming  Shift. Larry encourages us to hold on to the Lord's promises when going through seasons of shaking and change, as God transitions us from our present state into the destiny He has planned for us. This interview will give you a greater understanding of the shift taking place in your life, in the church, and in the world. Visit our website: 

Interview with Kim Clement In this episode, Prophetic.TV host Steve Shultz talks with prophet and minstrel Kim Clement. During the interview, they discuss Kim's prophecies regarding the 9/11 attacks and hurricane Katrina, as well as prophetic risk-taking, both within the Church and in the world at large. Included is an audio clip of the original 9/11 prophecy that Kim gave on July 25, 1996 in Detroit, Michigan. Kim's years of experience in prophetic ministry and his deep insights are sure to bless. Watch it now...instructions are below. (Recorded in August 2006.) Visit our websites: AND  

Kim Clement #1

In this episode, Prophetic.TV host Steve Shultz talks with Patricia King.  Out on hay bales on my farm, we had a conversation about how God took her from the occult right into prophetic ministry (and everything in-between). By the time you're done listening to Patricia's story, if your past has been muddy, mirky, or like me, just full of of pain, then this story is for you. It will encourage you to press on into the things God has planned for your life. Nothing that has 'overtaken you' has overtaken God ... nor has it surprised HIM in any way. But you need to hear that for yourself, of course. Watch and be built up!"

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